Examples of Commonly Used Smart Cities Technology

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There are many types of smart cities technology that exist. Here we will discuss some examples of such technologies that are very useful. Smart city is the concept of urban development that applies technology innovatively, effectively and efficiently by connecting physical, social and economic infrastructure in an area.

So that it can improve services and realize a better quality of life for the community. A smart city is an area that has integrated information and communication technology into daily governance. The goal is to realize efficiency, improve public services and improve public comfort and welfare.

Examples of Commonly Used Smart Cities Technology

Examples of Smart Cities Technology

A Smart City is expected to have a positive impact on the social life of the community and also the government. Now, smart cities have grown rapidly in all corners of the world. Some cities that have implemented this smart city concept, such as New York, Seoul, Toronto and others. In smart cities there are several technologies used. Here are examples:

Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the main aspects in the formation of smart cities is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT connects various devices and infrastructure of cities, such as street lights, public transportation and waste management to the internet. Smart cities technology allows cities to collect data in real-time, so they can make smarter and more efficient decisions.

Smart Transportation

Technology is also playing a huge role in transforming transportation systems in smart city. Smart transportation apps and platforms can help citizens plan the best routes, use public transportation and even share rides. This can reduce traffic congestion and can even reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart Building

Smart cities technology smart buildings are buildings that use digital-based automated procedures to produce building systems, including lighting for security systems. The advantage of building with technological advances is that it can reduce resource usage, reduce operating costs, simplify maintenance and others things.

Smart Energy

The rapid growth of cities makes the demand for energy also increasing. Even the demand exceeds the available local resources. The right long-term solution to meet this energy demand is with smart energy chains. Smart energy relies entirely on renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

Those are some examples of smart cities technology that is often used. With these technologies as the main driver, we can create cities that are more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. Especially with good cooperation between governments, technology companies and the community, the future of a better smart city can become a reality.